8 Points of a Marketing Funnel – Answer These Questions and You Will Succeed at Internet Marketing

Success in Internet Marketing is all about solving a problem or fulfilling a need. Whenever anyone types a query into one of the search engines, they are looking for a solution to their problem or an answer to their question. They have a need, and they want someone to fulfill it. Remember, with the internet, the entire universe is your territory. Your prospects can come from anywhere in the world. Once you determine your niche market, you need to let that market know about you – make them aware of your brand – to create a flow of traffic to your website.

Provide your visitors with answers to these questions:

“IS THERE A SOLUTION TO MY PROBLEM?” Someone wants to know if there is a solution to their problem or an answer their question. They have a general interest in your niche. You need to make them aware of you – your product or your brand. Capture their attention. Remember, they are already a targeted market – they are searching for you clickfunnels discount.

“COULD THIS POSSIBLY BE A SOLUTION TO MY PROBLEM?” Once you capture their attention, whether it is with an article, a video, a landing page or a website, or even offline advertising, you want your visitor begin to identify you as a possible solution to their problem, so that they will develop a more specific interest in your brand. Help them pursue their fact-finding mission. This initial communication will help them learn that you have a solution to a problem just like theirs, or an answer to a question just like theirs.

“COULD THIS BE THE SOLUTION TO MY PROBLEM?” By engaging your prospect and identifying their problem, you can educate them about your brand, show the value of your product, propose a solution, and begin to build trust and credibility. Present some pertinent facts and explain some features of your brand. Help them qualify and evaluate your solution.

“WHAT CAN I LOSE BY CHECKING IT OUT?” Offer them an opportunity to look at a sample of your product, or let them opt-in to find out more, without having to make much of a commitment. Explain the benefits of taking the next step. Let them know what’s in it for them, and that they have nothing to lose by checking you out. Show them how to take the next simple, non-threatening step. Present them with a call to action: “Fill out the form, and click on the SUBMIT button for more information”, or “CLICK HERE to see the free video.” Offer them something of value.

“IS THIS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE?” At some point, they will begin to question their decision. The skeptic in them will emerge, and remind them of their many past mistakes and their many poor choices. The cynic will try to convince them that they don’t really have a problem at all and don’t need a solution of any kind. Restate the main benefit of your solution to help overcome their skepticism and cynicism. Show them the ROI – the return on their investment – and point out the caveats. Remind them there will be a cost, some effort will be required, etc…

“WHY NOT GO FOR IT.” Again, instruct them how to take the next step – a simple call to action. Remind them that no action means no solution. Make it easy to take that next step.

“DID I DO THE RIGHT THING?” Follow up; start to build relationship. Ease their concerns and alleviate their buyer’s remorse. Set up an auto-responder and automate a few initial messages acknowledging their interest and thanking them for taking the time to investigate your brand. Then begin to create timely personal messages to stay current and continue to develop a friendship. Offer them opportunities to access additional free benefits. Make them glad they chose you as their solution.

“WHAT’S THE BEST WAY FOR ME TO LET MY FRIENDS KNOW HOW MUCH THIS HAS HELPED ME SOLVE MY PROBLEM?” This is the question that you are ultimately striving to answer. Do such a good job of solving their problem or answering their question, that your audience will do your advertising and promotion for you. Build a list, generate referrals, and create an ongoing source of traffic. That is the key to success in Internet Marketing. In real estate, it is “location, location, location.” On the Internet, it is “traffic, traffic, traffic.” Answer the questions above properly and you will create good quality traffic.

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